Prepare before you paint!

Before painting wash walls with Trisodium phosphate (TSP) and rinse well. TSP is excellent for removing all types of grease such as kitchen grease, smoke and nicotine residue and oils from fingers. Washing  with TSP also softens the old paint and allows the new paint to bond better with the old.

Stop Paint Bleed

After you tape off an area with painters tape to get a straight line, go over the edge of the tape again with your finger tip or hard object to firmly press it down.   After painting wait about 30 minutes then remove the tape before the paint completely cures to prevent ripping the new from sticking to the tape. Let me know if my explanation confuses the issue… I am just a phone call away 250-833-9446 (or email)

Loose screws?

Nothing can be more frustrating than when your door won’t close or your furniture is wobbly, all because of a loose screw. Did you know that what seem like a big problem, has a super simple easy fix? When hinge screws are loose  and won’t stay tight anymore, simply break off small piece of a wooden match or sliver of wood. Stuff it into enlarged hole. Then re-tighten the screw! It’s so simple, it’s almost magic!  Give it a try.

Woodworking tip

When you finish using a tube of silicone or glue with a caulking gun, stick a long nail or screw into the tip before putting it away. When it is time to use it again the glue plug that has formed will stick to the shaft of the nail and come out cleanly.